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Kelpie Cottage


Isle of Skye


Thankyou so much for your patients while I have been away staying with my parents, and thankyou for everyone who rang me there, I am back on Skye now if you would like to make a booking please let me know.





Prices start as low as £380 pw. up to £550 high season.No hidden extra's.

I am sorry I don't take dogs,as many of my guests have alergies.


Vacancies for Kelpie are from febuary onwards.I am open all year round, During the winter months I can offer you tuition in all my different crafts.

 If you book a winter holiday and can't make it for any snowfall i will.offer you alternitive dates.






There is still time to book a spring holiday,The island is much quieter during the  spring months and the scenery is fantastic , the light makes photos amazing. plenty of stunning waterfalls and more chances to see the wildlife and eagles, the skies are my past time in the winter with the Northern lights and the amazing starie skies. No light polution makes all the difference. The northern lights can be seen from the cottage door and are definetly worth seeing. if you are looking for a nice peaceful break then don't hesitate to get in touch, I am open all year around





In the small secluded township of Waterstein in the most westerly point on Skye lies Kelpie cottage.This delightful cottage was beautifully converted in 2009 to offer spacious accomodation of the highest quality for couples. The cottage is surrounded by mature ,well kept gardens for you to enjoy.It overlooks Loch Mor and is within walking distance of Neist Point Lighthouse, 2miles from Lephin cafe,and 7 miles from the  famous Three Chimneys Restaurant. I will taxi you if you are booked for either place,this location is one of many all inspiring parts of Skye,with the magnificent sea cliffs overlooking the outer isles, and its beautiful sunsets,golden eagles and sea eagles, whales, basking sharks,dolphins, otters, deer and so much more, this is the perfect  place to get away from it all, to experience the magic of Eilean a Cheo, THE MISTY ISLE. 



 Out of season;Special Holidays

Early lambs;; I have 14 lambs due end of febuary to lamb within 2 weeks

 Lambing; from march 24th 2019 for 4 weeks, if you are staying in Kelpie Cottage you can visit the lambing shed at any time day or night. Join in or just watch as 65 lambs are being born. A unique experience that you will cherish forever.

March 24th for 3/4 weeks



Crafting holidays  Starting anytime from  sept 2019,to March 2020 ,OPTIONAL !


If you or you partner are interest in painting or any of the crafts I mention in my "whats on " page, then you can book a weeks holiday in Kelpie and learn any of these crafts, I have a large fitted out workshop and all you pay for is the materials you use, Charges for Kelpie are the same,If you are interested please give me a ring on 01470511384 or email me on kelpiecottage@gmail.com and have a chat about what you would like to do, it will still leave time for you to explore this beautiful island, We can work out hours you would like to paint or craft and when you would like to explore.

kELPIE cottage is available during the winter months for ordinery holidays too Crafting holidays are an extra service if required, please let me know when you book, thankyou.


Northern lights can be seen from oct to april from the cottage door, if you have a camera with slow shutter speed you will be able to take photos of the lights when you can't see them with the naked eye. The winter skies are  amazing. the stars are so clear, you can see the satalites, and the creators on the moon, I do supply a telescope in the cottage too.


Kelpie cottage is situated opposite Loch Mor, a very safe fresh water loch ideal for water sports, if you would like to bring canoes, wind surfers etc with you I have ample storage space to keep them inside a shed  when not in use. This goes for cycles too.




LADIES; MY COTTAGE IS VERY SAFE, IF YOU LIVE ALONE AND WOULD LIKE  A HOLIDAY YOU WILL  ENJOY KELPIE COTTAGE ; I know feeling secure is very important, I don't mind showing you around the island and going for walks with you,if you would like some company, I have a flock of 60 sheep and also make all the gifts that I sell in my craft shop  if you would like to join me in any of my activities you will be very welcome to do so, or just enjoy a lovely holiday,   ,PLEASE GIVE ME A RING, and have a chat




KELPIE COTTAGE, WATERSTEIN, OVER LOOKING LOCH MOR, IN A BEAUTIFUL CORNER OF SKYE                                                                                

All enquiries:

Contact  Linda Jackson on

01470 511384 

or Email at kelpiecottage@gmail.com

Alternatively write to Linda Jackson,

1 Waterstein, Glendale, Isle of Skye, IV558WT

Please forward booking forms to the above address.


The Kelpie or Each Uisge (water horse) is a mythical creature that inhabits various Lochs and streams in the Highlands. Loch Mor claims to be home to one such creature. A close encounter is thankfully unlikely; more likely is an encounter with one of the many creatures that share his domain. Golden Eagles, Sea Eagles, Otters, Foxes and more recently Red Deer have all made this their home. The spectacular sea cliffs make the perfect vantage point to spot Mink Whales, Basking Sharks, Porpoise, Dolphins, Seals and the varied groups of Sea Birds.a perfect retreat for bird watchers.

It took 3 weeks to carve this Kelpie on the cottage door.

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